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MANSCAPED Video Reviews

MANSCAPED 6 Month Review - Lawn Mower 2.0

Video Transcription
It's been about six months since I unboxed my MANSCAPED gear. And as I said, I put it through its paces and I'm ready to do my follow-up review. So this is all of this stuff that came inside the box with the exception of the soap. The body soap, I used it up cause I really liked it. And I guess that's a good place to start. So I'll put links to MANSCAPED and everything below, and you know, this video is not sponsored or anything, all my own thoughts, but it's been an interesting time to use this stuff because when I started it, my wife wasn't pregnant when I started using this stuff, my wife was so I get my wife's thoughts on the sense pre and post pregnancy, which is interesting. And then I've been using the trimmer the past couple of months as well, and, uh, I wrapped my thoughts up in it. So first for the scent. I've been using, I use the body wash a lot and I really like the way that that smells and the way it feels. It feels very clean. And I can tell you that my wife loved the smell before she was pregnant. And she was like, you know, I'm really into this. Uh, I think the way I described it before is like a manly, I called it a manly refined sentiment. I realized that the scent is actually called refined, but it lacks a certain perfumieness to it that other scents have. And so it's just a very, like, almost like a down to earth manly smell. So the soap, the crop preserver and the reviver all have active pH in there, which is about keeping your skin dry and balanced. And I do have to say that the reviver, it goes a long way. I've used this quite a bit, but I don't know that I would keep it in my desk to use that like lunchtime. But if something like when you come home at the end of the day, because I used to use gold bond in order to keep things kind of dry and comfortable down there, um, the, the reviver has a little spray to just kind of bring yourself up a little bit down there feels very good. And, uh, the moisturizer I've used this a few times as well. And like it says, don't put it on the tip of your penis. Cause it does burn a little bit. It's really about the sack area. So those are the soaps. I like the scent. I like the way it made me feel very clean without drying my skin out, which is always big. And then the reviver I'm like I'm into the, reviver. The bag that it comes in. This was like the freebie, like when you ordered, you got a freebie on it, it collects a lot of dust you can see on there. And I've actually seen this design from other companies, so I'm not in there. So it was just in my bathroom and it collected a lot of dust. You have to wipe it off, but it is nice to have something to shove it all inside of. The nail Clippers and the trimmer, all standard stuff. The plow, if you want to go to skin level, for $20, it's really tough to beat, you know, the safety razor here. I don't typically go down to skin level, but it's a solid sturdy stainless steel plow in there. And I think it's only $20. So that's a good deal. It has a nice little mirror in there. Keep in mind, you cannot travel with these. You can't put the straight razorblades through things. The big thing you probably want to know about is the electric trimmer, which I've used quite a bit. And I compared to my Wahl trimmer, which I've had for many years and I complained about was like hair sticks to. The Wahl trimmer was very disappointing, but the MANSCAPED one has not been. So the trimmer is like their hero product. And for good reason, it's a well built product that has worked very well for me. Not only does it have this ceramic blade, it's kind of quiet. It's also waterproof proof and the charging on it. Uh, you know, it lasts, like they say 60 minutes, I've been able to, you know, just charge it several times over a couple of months. And then they also have a replacement program for the heads, which is nice. The Wahl one, there's a slightly different process. So you can get subscriptions to this. What I would do is get them, get a few of them like stacked up because even after six months, like it shows no real sign of wearing out on here, but like to have replacement heads for the future. And then the charging is just a USB. So you can use any phone charger or even hotel rooms. So you'll just have USB from there. And then it has this cable at the end in order to charge it. And the charge goes pretty quick. I was wrong. I think I mentioned my last video about using the clips to slide on here. You essentially get four fixed positions on the, uh, the blade guard. So you have a three millimeter, a six millimeter, a 12 and a nine, but I do just kind of clip on like this pretty easily. And then you can swap them out, flip them around and that's how you get them. So you can't get, you know, if you want a two or a four, you can't necessarily get those by sliding it, but I've, you know, three is close enough for me. And then yeah, either, either straight blade three, six. And so that's how I see it from there. But I'd say the only criticism or shortcoming of the trimmer itself is that the blade speed or RPMs is not really high enough to do like, like hair. If you wanted to buy this in order, have your manscaping done. But then also, so like buzz cut your head. The blade is not quite strong enough to go through a thick head of hair, but for a thick bush, it's totally fine. The other big thing that they talk about with this is the no pinching or the no cutting technology. And I saw comment on my last video. It's like, if you were trying, if you were jabbing yourself, trying to cut yourself with this, you will do it. It is possible. But if you're smart about it, keep it on pretty smooth skin, stretch things out. If you need to. Uh, I, I have cut myself plenty of times with the Wahl trimmer, even when I'm trying to be careful. And with the MANSCAPED trimmer, I did not. So the anti-cut technology in here is good. It's not fool proof because you can cut it yourself if you're trying. But I think it's also, it's kind of like the flip side of the RPM speed on here because it's not too fast and too powerful. It's not going to nick or trim you like some other highlights speed blades would. So you have it gents, that is the MANSCAPED trimmer. I don't think I can demonstrate it without breaking YouTube guidelines, but for happy trails, armpit hair, pubic hair works really well. I would say if you're trying to get one trimmer to do downstairs and upstairs, you might need something as a little bit more powerful, but overall I'm very impressed with the product. And it's kind of opened my world up to these nicer, better made things aside from, I think that Wahl that I bought in college was like 30 bucks or something. I just wanted something cheap to, you know, sideburns and everything and uh, so far so good. So if you have any question about the MANSACPED one, been using it for six months, going to continue to use it and happy to have any suggestions for similar products, because I'm always looking for the best stuff out there on the internet and as always down in the comments, social media, whatever else. And until next time, gents, this is the Kavalier.

MANSCAPED Lawn Mower 3.0 Trimmer Review

Video Transcription
Today I'm reviewing MANSCAPED's newest launch, which is the Lawn Mower 3.0. This is what it comes in when you first get it. I really like the black and gold trim aesthetics from a packaging point of view, it looks great. You'll see that you get a little message in here that says 'Your balls will thank you'. And you can already tell that the device is much different looking than the 2.0. The 3.0 comes with a nice little LED light on it. The LED light is really important for places that you just can't see well. Specifically the pubes and your sack. It's hard to see sometimes, so with the light, it just helps give you extra visibility into what you're trimming, so you don't nick your sack. And cause that sucks. One of my favorite new upgrades and it's such a game changer is the new charging dock. And I really think it compliments any bathroom sink. You can just put it on there and you can just plop this thing in and you don't have to worry about it and it looks really nice. As a full body trimmer, do recommend the 3.0, so your back, your chest, your pubes, your sack.

Lawn Mower 3.0 HONEST Review & Comparison

Video Transcription
What's good, Dudzz Nation? What' good, YouTube family? Back with another special video, man. And then this one I'm gonna get right to it. I'm going to be revealing the Lawn Mower 3.0. Now for those of you that don't know, I've been using the 2.0 for a little while now. And honestly, in terms of keeping everything groomed as a man, keeping your happy trail groomed. Your balls, I'm gonna keep it a buck with you. It's probably the best clipper that I've used personally. The 2.0 came in this box. All right. They also sent you the MANSCAPED boxers, which was a nice touch. Wasn't necessary, but to be honest, um, this is like a Spandex material. So I'll be working out with this. You feel me? Like I'm not going to even hold you, like I'll be working out with this. But, um, but the 2.0, I thought was very good. I still use it. I'm gonna keep it a buck with you right now. You might see some heads on it. Cause I been using it often. And look, man, I would just go ahead and say, if you are a man, you gotta make sure that everything's good down there. You feel me? You can't have your lady going down it and it's looking crazy. So I use this personally about like every week and a half or so to shave. Now, even though I'm talking about the 2.0, I am going to get into the 3.0, in a little bit, right? So the 3.0 comes in this box right here. Okay. So this is the 2.0, this is the 3.0. Now and the 2.0, it did come with pretty fast charging and it came with this little back piece and the cord and then you stick it in here and the charge is pretty fast. It is waterproof. Um, it is equipped with, uh, anti cut technology and quiet stroke technology. So it's going to give you that quiet stroke technology while your quiet stroking. You feel me? But anyway, man, so this is the 2.0, which I felt probably couldn't be topped. And I'm gonna just go ahead and say it, man. I sometimes use my ball hair trimmer to shave my neck. I said it, I said it. Now I disinfect it, but I'm going to just keep it a buck with y'all man. And also what better place to do this review video than in the bathroom, where you do your, you know what I'm saying? So anyway, man, uh, getting into the 3.0, so it comes in this box, as I stated before. Now I'm going to talk about some of the noticeable differences that I have seen while using this. And so I'm gonna take it out the box for you. Now all of MANSCAPED's products for the most part, will come with this white dust bag. Um, and it'll come with some accessory products in there such as a brush, that you can, you know, like wipe off the clippers and everything after use. Um, it comes with a little cord that you can plug up to charge and then all of them come with a standard back piece. Okay. So just to inform you on that. It comes with the cord and it comes with the, the back piece. And then this is also, uh, the stand or I'm not sure how to word it, but you're going to place the actual clipper on top of this, so it's, it's almost like a port. Okay. And then inside the box, it comes equipped with a manual that, you know, walks you through how to use it and the settings, you know, things of that nature. Um, so some of the main differences that I've noticed between the Lawn Mower 3.0, so this is how the Lawn Mower 3.0 looks. Right now, it does have the guard on. So I'm going to take the guard off for you. Okay. So there is a little arrow here that kind of guides you on where to pushup. So you push this up and the guard slides right off and it's not exposed. Now, along this are some ridges, the camera isn't focusing right now, but it's pretty much some lines and ridges that are going to help guide you, rght? Like you shaving. Now, a lot of people have asked me what is the main difference between the 2.0 and the 3.0, right? Now in terms of size. So this is the 2.0, this is the 3.0. In terms of size, the 3.0 is a little bit taller. Okay. Um, so as I stated before, the 2.0 has great battery life, but the 3.0 has extended battery life. Now for me, I personally groom myself, my happy trail, my stomach, whatever my balls, my balls be smooth as eggs. I don't care. So I shave probably once a week or once every, uh, week and a half or so, right? Now, typically I'm not a guy that really takes long showers, a standard shower for me, I'm probably in and out within eight to 10 minutes. But on days that I am grooming and shaving myself, my showers can get pretty long, uh, sometimes up to half an hour. So with the 2.0, it would last pretty good. Didn't have any issues. But I know there are some guys that will probably take a shower for like 45 minutes. I know that sounds long, but I know some people that told me that they, they take showers that long or whatever that that's your business. But for that this will definitely hold up. This is also equipped with fast charging. This is also quiet stroke technology. Okay. There's a feature on here that really has me hyped for this one in particular. And I'm gonna dive into that, uh, feature in a little bit, but this one is bigger. It is equipped with a slightly larger battery. So you're going to get more use out of this. Now in terms of the charging, right? So with the Lawn Mower 2.0, you would just plug this in right here and plug it into the wall and charge it. Now, with the Lawn Mower 3.0, what you would do, there's still a cord. But you actually put it right here on the charging port. And after that, you'll plug this in here. Now this is going to have it standing by itself. That's the main difference in terms of charging. Pretty much the 2.0 and the 3.0 in charging is similar. They're both fast charging, but this one does have more power and it is going to last you longer. Now the feature that I really wanted to talk to you guys about in this video was this one right here. So equipped on the top is a little LED light. So I'm hyped for this, right? I'm going to tell you why, because you could save your balls in the dark now. So it already had anti-cut technology. You're not going to cut your balls. I'm somebody that I've always groomed myself because I've always been very health conscious. I like to take care of myself and I never want the woman that I'm with to feel like I'm a dude that doesn't really care about personal hygiene, right? And so, this is very important to me because now I can navigate through them crevices. You feel me? All my real men know what I'm talking about, down there is very sensitive. You nick a ball, you out for like two weeks. So with this light, it just kinda helps you have a little bit more visibility down there. Um, I'm very impressed with this one. As I stated before, with the 2.0, this does have anti-cut technology. Now, uh, it's equipped with some form of plastic right here on the top. And on the bottom, it is a metal. But the plastic grinds on top of it and it is safer. Now growing up, I would shave with traditional razor blades, you know? Um, and I would oftentimes cut myself when I was shaving, you know, down there. I'm not somebody that's going to sit here and sugar coat stuff with you. I'm being very transparent. Very honest. I would oftentimes nick my testicles or I would have bumps on my stomach from shaving with a traditional blade. I have had no issues with this at all. It's 100% waterproof, so you can drop it in water, um, and submerge it and it's going to be no problem at all. So I recommend getting this, man, if you're interested in getting this, you can use my code Dudley 20. It's going to be linked below you use my code. Dudley 20 at checkout for 20% off. I'm a very big fan of MANSCAPED. To be honest for me in closing, I would say the main differences I noticed is that, this is bigger. It's more powerful, more battery. It's equipped with an LED light at the top. That's going to help you guide, uh, you know, through them waters. You know what I'm saying? Helping you get down there safely. Uh, it, it fast charges like this, it's a little bit faster. I've noticed in my test in terms of how fast it charges, it's a little faster and stronger. It has a light on top. And of course, all of these come with different guards. So you can shape according to the length of your hair that you want. Now, this one, like the 2.0, as I said at the beginning, just to reiterate, comes with the MANSCAPED dust bag. And you will get a complimentary MANSCAPED boxers. In my opinion, these are more like Spandex. Uh, they're more, they're more of a polyester blend. So this is great for the gym, right? It is going to come with a manual. So a huge shout out to, uh MANSCAPED. Alright, I will be rocking with the 3.0, okay. If you guys want the 2.0. Get it. Would I recommend the 3.0 over the 2.0? I personally would get the 3.0 simply because of the battery life, the light. And it is also equipped with a grip. I'm not sure if the camera will pick up on this, but uh, there's a very different tread and design on the shaft of the blade. And uh, it's just, it's better. I didn't think it could get better, but it is better, man. So shout out to the MANSCAPED family, peace, loving life, always man. And I'll see you guys in the next video as always family as always stay blessed.

MANSCAPED Perfect Package 3.0 Review | Is It Worth It?!

Video Transcription
Also, I read it has a skin safe technology. So no snagging on the little dragon. Shout out to Mulan for sure. What's going on everybody today, we are going to be reviewing the Perfect Package 3.0 kit right here from All right. And to give the video a little bit of context, a little bit of context. We've mentioned numerous times in the past. I mean, have you guys seen it everywhere? Probably the number one promoted product in social media right now. Insane like the hugest influencers, they all have mentioned Even female channels are really pushing it. Cause uh, obviously the good looking females, they've got a lot of male followers. It makes sense. It makes sense. And when we've done sponsors in the past, they've been really quick, like 30 to 45 seconds in the video. But one thing I would like to start doing on this channel are more like in depth reviews on one single product, similar to what we did with the ASICS Ronnie 5 collaboration for sure. It gives the audience a better overview of that one product and answering the question. Should they buy it or not buy it. So we are going to be unboxing this thing right here. If you are a dude out there, this is mandatory. All right. You know, we talk about sneakers and clothing and how to look good. This is how to feel good. You know what I mean? Men's hygiene, let's get this thing open. I like, uh, actually, you know, the discreet packaging, uh, it's not like, you know, when you order Nike, you have all the Nike on or Amazon or something, you know, it's like privacy for your privates, I see. I like that. All right, let's go. Got some other cool things in here. Okay. Okay. What we got here? Oh “Your Balls Will Thank You”. Wow. That is a statement right there. Straight to the point. Basically making it more acceptable to talk about this taboo subject of men's hygiene. For sure, I mean, it's okay to be, you know, be proud and then you'll be well-groomed down there. Let them know. You're not, uh, you know, it's not looking like a dunk. I couldn't decide between junk and dungeon. Both are bad though. I dunk. Yeah. Both are bad either way. Its good to let people know you do not have that down below. Okay. All right. So let's go over the accessories real quick. So this is the Perfect Package. 3.0, this is 89 bucks from their website. Oh, these are the boxers, the boxers boxers. I've given you them from our past integrations. You know, I have worn them very comfortable, not cotton, you know, obviously made by microfiber, it's more like the sport material. They remind me of compression shorts. Ball deodorant. So I did read you put this on after you shower to stay fresh down there. Ball toner that one you kind of got, to explain to me a little bit. I'm not okay. Says with active pH control, anytime, pick me up once or twice a day. Let air dry. So I think it's just the, like a moisturizer, yeah freshen-up actually. Hey, sometimes it does get dry down there. He'll get dry. Right? So those are the, a couple of accessories that comes with, Ooh, this right here. This is the important thing. I mean, the Lawn Mower 3.0. You gave me one before. Um, don't tell them that I was going to say I cleaned it, I cleaned it. I cleaned it too and sanitized it, don't worry. This was after. Passing it. All right. Anyways. Um, the Lawn Mower 3.0 right here. LED light, right? Come on. The LED light. I'm not gonna lie, it was a little bit of a kind of random to me at first, but you know with all these power outages lately, you know, we've had to have a lot of wildfires. Fires knocked out my power a couple of times. I got it. I got it. Alright. Power just went out. Yup. It's cold. It's getting cold. Girl, feeling a little freaky, but you look a little messy down there. Ya gotta go clean up. But you got the light right here. Little guy light, you know what I mean? Yo man, at the end of the day we get it. You know, it's the worst case scenario. Yeah. Really nice hand fill. It is actually very light. And you know what is cool about it. It has like almost a rubber finish to the, uh, it's not super smooth, you're not dropping bad boy, you're dropping it for sure. Also I read it has a skin safe technology. So no snagging on the little dragon I'm saying. Shout out to Mulan. Yeah, for sure. For sure. When you're down there, you, you must, must be careful. Take your time. Yeah, skin safe technology, it is super quiet, too. Super quiet. I love that. I love that feature because sometimes I'm in the bathroom, you know, I want to keep it quiet when it comes to a shaving down the jungle, you know, discreet for sure. For sure. I feel like there's been times where I'm like trimming down there in the bathroom. My girl will run in the bathroom and start busting my balls. No pun intended. I mean, at least you have facial hair to make, you know, a little, little excuse to say, you know, you, you're shaving your beard. I don't have much. So if anything like that is turned on in the bathroom. You know, she knows I am being ready for uh, you know? Getting ready for a little early Valentine's day. So, uh, early Valentines, you only shave once a year then? Early. Let's just say the hair, ah, you know, that's, that's my business. We're getting too personal in this video. All right. So like we said, the kit is 89 bucks. Um, what that comes with is every three months for $15, they send you replacement blades. All right. So you're staying fresh throughout the year. Staying fresh and making sure that those things are sharp and you don't have to commit to every three months. Like maybe your hair doesn't grow that quickly. You know, you want it every six months you could cancel it super easy with a couple of clicks and unsubscribe. So it is really easy to do that. And also, it comes with a dope traveling bag where you can pretty much put all your stuff in. I actually use that like as a carry on in an airport and I have seen you carry it, and this may be random, but it's probably one of my favorite features in this whole package. So when we're doing the research on these, the newspaper, I was like, what is this for? Tell him, tell him, tell him. Sometimes when you are shaving in your bathroom, it all falls to the ground and you got to sweep it up and all that you lay the newspaper down. It's catching all the hair and it's an easy cleanup. Grab it and just toss it. It's not like a random newspaper article, or anything. It gives you templates to line your. I'm done. I'm done. But Rich, I got to ask you the ultimate question after doing this review. Is the Perfect Package 3.0 kit worth it? Is it worth it? I mean, we've worked with them in the past numerous times. Obviously we're doing this review right now. I stick to my guns. I say yes. Like, why wouldn't you want to get this? It's straight forward. There might be like stronger trimmers out there for your beard. And then it might double up as below the waist. Listen, keep them separate, keep them separate. Like I said, I've used the one that you gifted me. So I appreciate that. So I stand by it. I like it. It's straightforward. There's a ton of reviews out there. You know what you're getting yourself into. And like we mentioned earlier, they've made it like fun. I feel like there's ball deodorant and there's a newspaper. They've made it easy to use. Just going off of that. When you're trimming, you're going to think what else is there? And they provide that. They've thought about everything basically below the waist grooming just super important. I agree. I agree. Alright guys, so there is our review. Okay. We are working with MANSCAPED right now to get you 20% off, plus two free gifts plus free shipping right now. If you hit that link in the description box below alright and use this promo code and you will get all those things I just mentioned. You know, I'm glad that they sent over all their stuff. And we actually liked it. It was organized. It was clean. I mean, what was there not to really, like? We were able to go in depth with, you know with pretty much everything. I want to do more in depth reviews like this. All right guys. So like I said, hit that link in the description box below shout out to Tan for being in this video. The new saying I think is a no snagging on the little dragon. I'm out.

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